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After an inspiring day in South Lanarkshire we moved onto Motherwell’s New College Lanarkshire Campus for Day 2 of the Big Bang event. Much the same as South Lanarkshire, Motherwell was welcoming the event for the first time and we were excited to keep the momentum rolling on from our successful day in South Lanarkshire. We also had a special guest for this particular event, Boyd Tunnock, Head of the famous Tunnock’s company was there on the day to meet pupils and sample the Big Bang for himself.

Again we had worked hard to involve our employer partners in the event to ensure pupils across the Lanarkshire area were learning about STEM subjects and their relation to real working life. The event in Motherwell had a particular focus on the food industry and it’s relation to STEM subjects and this was reflected in the employers in attendance as well as the workshops available on the day:

  • 8 employers including Di Maggio Group, Dawnfresh, RAF, Construction Industry Trading Board and University West of Scotland
  • Just under 130 school pupils and 17 teachers from 9 schools
  • 11 workshops

Workshops included classes covering chocolate, milk and fruit production as well as workshops from Vex Robotics and also on the music industry.

As was the case the day previously in South Lanarkshire, the event in Motherwell was a huge success with everyone leaving with a big smile on their face. Feedback from one teacher shows how well the day went down with staff and pupils alike:

“I have gathered the feed back from 25 young people. 100% said they would recommend this event. 98% said the event met their needs. 100% said the information covered was easy and clear to understand. Staff loved the event and would absolutely go next year. Thanks again for this opportunity, can’t wait for the next one!”

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