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South Lanarkshire College played host to Lanarkshire’s first Big Bang Fair event. Alongside ESP and South Lanarkshire College, we helped organise this event to showcase STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) subjects to pupils in an engaging and fun environment.

We wanted to involve industry employers at this event as we were keen to show pupils how STEM subjects translate in the real working world. This would give pupils insight into a whole host of industries and get the ball rolling when thinking about where their futures may lie.

Running from 9.30am – 14.30pm the Big Bang Fair was non-stop action and a real showstopper of an event for DYW LED as we managed to get a vast number of pupils and employers engaging with one another around a shared subject, STEM. Take a look at the numbers for yourself!

  • 11 employers including Weir Engineering, Alstom, Virridor, Roadbridge and the Institute of Civil Engineering
  • Just under 150 school pupils and 15 teachers from 12 schools
  • 6 workshops in addition to meeting the employers

Workshops on the day included The Banana Crisis, Science Experiments, Digital Photography and CPR Demonstrations.

It really was a great event to be involved in with positive feedback from pupils, employers and teachers alike. One Principal Teacher described their experience at the event:

“My pupils loved it and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. They were all full of enthusiasm on the way home and all said they had a great time.”

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