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People working in supermarkets and in the food supply have been defined as “Key Workers” in order to keep shelves stocked during the coronavirus crisis

Meet today’s #DYWKeyWorker Adam who has been working  at the Tesco Express in Motherwell for just over one year. After leaving Dalziel High Adam went on to start and complete a diploma in Digital Marketing through an Apprenticeship.

Now in his role as Store Assistant, the morning commute couldn’t be easier as his place of work is walking distance. A normal day consists of opening and sometimes closing the store, operating the tills and regularly restocking as demand is so high due to the current situation.

The training at Tesco was quite straight forward and a lot of it was online. Since then Adam had gone to further develop his communication skills and conflict resolution.

One of his favourite parts of the job is the banter and the and great staff team. But hes most surprised by the amount of shoplifting that goes on, definitely not something he had expected.

A piece of advice for any school leavers would be to gain experience in various environments, only then  will you be able to workout which path suits you best. Of his own career ambitions Adam would like to pursue a career in psychology or job the Police Service

On the subject of being a #KeyWorker, Adam felt he was just doing his bit like everyone else. Despite the current circumstances its important to do whatever you can to help out and it’s a good quality to have.



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