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In recent weeks we’ve all been out clapping our NHS every Thursday night. Keyworkers in the middle of COVID-19 times are our modern day heroes. What this pandemic has done is highlight a whole host of Keyworkers, ones perhaps not always considered as keyworkers.

One group of workers this would apply to would be our shopkeepers and shop staff keeping our bellies full while we’re stuck at home. These workers have been out working all sorts of hours and risking infection to keep the public fed and watered.

As part of DYW Scotland #DYWKeyWorkers campaign we had a quick Q&A with local business owner Fahim Baqir, Business Owner of a Convenience Store.

Fahim has done this job for 20+ years and manages and owns the business himself. Having built up experience working with Spar he developed many skills over the years which have been used a lot more in recent weeks. Working long hours and dealing with the more “unusual” customers has it’s challenges but the rewards outweigh everything. Working in a vibrant local area, surrounded by family and friend, Fahim tells us he enjoys the flexibility his position provides along with being a helping hand within his local community.

Like many men, Fahim told us the masterplan was to be a Premiership footballer, but this didn’t quite pan out. So working in the shop in his younger days gave him great experience and knowledge to pursue his 2nd choice career of owning his own store. The aim is to retire at 50 for Fahim but he has no plans to stop yet, especially during these difficult times where he knows his local community relies on him so much despite the personal danger him and his staff are currently in.

Our current situation has opened our eyes in terms of keyworkers. We want to encourage the next wave of keyworkers to consider taking up these vital roles within their communities in the future.

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